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About Us

SustainRNG℠ is an agile, entrepreneurial developer of renewable natural gas (RNG) projects in the agriculture sector formed to commercialize the advanced methane generation technology, with underlying intellectual property under exclusive license from Trane Technologies.  The company partners with dairy farmers to develop on-farm projects.   

With Duke Energy as a significant and active investor in the company, SustainRNG is transforming how the agriculture sector manages manure, helping farmers be more sustainable, and leveraging the power of the agriculture sector to solve climate change.

The advanced technology employed in SustainRNG’s projects uses a specialized anaerobic digestion unit, or Parallel Flow Digester℠ that stratifies the flow of particles by size, facilitating the breakdown of the organic materials in manure and optimizing biogas production. SustainRNG is initially targeting use of the technology to deploy digesters on dairy farms of 3,000 to 6,000 head that use water wash-down manure management, which is currently an underserved niche in the dairy digester market.,

Our Story

Commercializing the first ever "parallel flow digester" for manure management.

Team and Partners

Some of the biggest names in power and technology have partnered with us .


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SustainRNG is made up of a small but powerful team.

Leading the Way

SustainRNG was formed to commercialize the Advance Methane Generation TechnologySM based on a patent for underlying intellectual property licensed from Trane Technologies .

Leadership Team

Rick Wilcox

Don Yochum
Project Developer

Greg Montgomery
Founder and Board Member

Key Partners


SustainRNG was founded by CleanSource Capital LLC, based in Charlotte, NC, and is an affiliate of Abundant Power Group LLC.

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