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SustainRNG was born out of the confluence of two developments in the agriculture marketplace.

The first development is the growing demand for increased sustainability, especially in the dairy sector.  For example, in response to consumer demand for milk that comes from humane, healthy, and environmentally responsible farms, major brands such as Walmart and Nestle have set ambitious goals for milk to be sustainably sourced.  Also, the dairy sector itself has established the goal of achieving net zero carbons emissions by 2050 as farmers across the country seek better ways to manage their manure.

The second development was a breakthrough by Trane Technologies, a leading sustainable technology company.  A well-designed anaerobic digester can convert manure into biogas that can be upgraded into renewable natural gas (RNG) and injected in the existing natural gas pipeline network.  Trane invented certain intellectual property around the process of separating out larger organic particles in the manure effluent by size before entering a Parallel Flow Digester, which it has exclusively licensed to SustainRNG for use in the Advanced Methane Generation (AMG) Technology.  Since increased surface area of smaller particles facilitates the breakdown of organic material, the separation of organic particles by size dramatically increases RNG generation rates.  

Trane approached Clean Source Capital to help in the commercialization of this intellectual property.  In response, Clean Source Capital developed a business model to partner with dairy farmers to develop on-farm renewable natural gas projects, and formed and capitalized SustainRNG as the business entity to commercialize the AMG Technology and Trane’s underlying intellectual property. 

SustainRNG has a two-part mission,

SustainRNG’s business model is to develop, design, engineer,  finance, construct, and operate renewable natural gas generation projects in partnership with dairy farmers.  Our vision is that our work with farmers plays a critical role to help the dairy industry meet its net zero carbon goal.


SustainRNG was founded by CleanSource Capital LLC, based in Charlotte, NC, and is an affiliate of Abundant Power Group LLC.

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Our Story