Leadership Team

Rick Wilcox

Rick has applied his energy, experience, and passion for excellence to make vision reality for over 35 years. He is an entrepreneurial-minded business leader in the engineering and construction sphere, recognized as a pioneer in forging and implementing processes and systems that create transformative results. In addition to 20 years as CEO of a multi-disciplinary engineering firm, Rick has been a member of, or chaired, boards of diverse companies and organizations, been appointed to state energy and development boards, and was the youngest inductee to his alma matter’s Academy of Civil and Environmental Engineering.

Don Yochum
Business Development

Don has been innovating in high tech sectors for 30 years. Prior to joining SustainRNG, he worked in agrotech at Trane Technologies where he was the principal developer and patent holder of the patent  by Trane Technologies on certain intellectual property underlying the Advanced Methane Generation Technology being commercialized by SustainRNG. Through the course of his career, Don developed products and projects in lighting (patent holder), renewable energy, oil & gas.

Greg Montgomery

Greg is Managing Director of CleanSource Capital, a specialty environmental finance company.

He has successfully conceived, financed, and grown innovative entrepreneurial companies in both the clean energy and financial services sectors. 

He has a career in company and project finance including founding and/or building three different investment banking platforms.

Key Partners

As one of the largest electric and gas utilities in the U.S., Duke Energy embraces its responsibility to address risks from climate change, and Duke is an investor in SustainRNG.

SustainRNG has entered into a license with Trane Technologies exclusive to the agriculture industry to use certain underlying intellectual property in the commercialization of the Advanced Methane Generation Technology.

Board of Managers

Greg Montgomery
CleanSource Capital

Elizabeth Paynter
Duke Energy

Rick Wilcox

Shannon Smith
Abundant Power Group

Board of Advisors

Garth Boyd
Context Agriculture Network

Aubrey Hillard
Texican Natural Gas

Erik Lensch
Leyline Capital

Tanja Vujic
Duke University


SustainRNG was founded by CleanSource Capital LLC, based in Charlotte, NC, and is an affiliate of Abundant Power Group LLC.

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